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The 5th IJF Veterans World Judo Championships is an IJF organised event in full co-operation with the United Arab Emirates Wrestling,Judo and Jui-jitsuFederation which is the Host organisation. 


The Championship will be held from Sunday 24th November until Tuesday 26th November 2013.


The Championships will take place in Abu Dhabi. Venue: ADNEC, Abu Dhabi, UAE.    


4. OFFICIAL CHAMPIONSHIP WEBSITE Email:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  Contact PersonMs. Warda Al Jaberi Mobile:  +971-52-7085585


All the following conditions must be met in full for an individual to be considered eligible to participate in this Championship.   a) The minimum age for participation in the World Veterans is to be 30 years in the year of 2013. Minimum year of born 1983 This defines the age at which players first become eligible to compete. (once a player has become eligible they will be allocated into the appropriate 5 year Age Division such asM1/F1which will consist of competitors who have their30st, 31st, 32nd, 33rd or 34th birthday at any date during 2013.The M2/F2 Age Division will consist of players who have their 35th, 36th, 37th, 38th or 39th birthday at any date during 2013 etc.   b) Hold a current and valid licence (membership) issued by a National Federation currently affiliated to the International Judo Federation.   c) Pay the appropriate entry fees in full within the deadline time outlined in this document.   d) Check-in at Registration (see schedule of Registration opening hours).   e) Meet the specific weigh-in requirements as applicable.   f) Provide photographic proof of your identity and date of birth using a valid current passport or a current National I.D. Card.   g) A competitor must not have represented any National Team in a competition at international senior level at any time in the twelve month period before the start date of this particular World Veterans Championships i.e. between 24th November 2012 and 23rd November 2013.   h) The exact nationality of competitors will be taken as that which is indicated in their current passport or current National I.D. Card. Competitors may only represent one country and in any cases of changing nationality a one year ineligibility period must be served prior to 24 November 2013 unless both National Federations involved have already agreed and confirmed in writing their approval of this change in conformity with the current Sport and Organisational Rules of the IJF. If this is the case then the appropriate documentary evidence must be supplied with the application for entry to this competition.   i) All players must have obtained the minimum grade of first kyu.


Competitors must have insurance for injury and third party cover (public liability) either held personally in the form of specific insurance cover or travel cover (and this cover must not exclude participation in competition judo) or as part of their National Federation insurance arrangements.   Neither the International Judo Federation, its staff or servants nor the United Arab Emirates Wrestling, Judo and Jiu-jitsu Federation its staff or servants shall be liable for any loss, injury or death due to a person’s participation in this championship.   It isrecommendedthat all competitorsshould havehadarecentmedical checkprior to participating in thischampionship.


Players will be allocated an Age Division based (a) on a minimum of 30 years of age  within 2013 and (b) with each division determined by their date of birth in line with a five year age range: 

Age division


Actual Age


1983 - 1979

30 -34


1978 –1974

35 - 39


1973 - 1969

40 - 44


1968 - 1964

45 - 49


1963 - 1959

50 - 54


1958 - 1954

55 - 59


1953 - 1949

60 - 64


1948- 1944

65 - 69


1943 -1939

70 - 74


1938 -1934

75 - 79


1933 and earlier

80 and over



Age range for Age division duration (minutes) for individual events will be as follows:   All contestants aged 30 – 59 (M1/F1 to M6/F6) Age Divisions will be 3 minutes duration.    All contestants aged 60 and over (M7/F7 and over) Age Divisions will be 2 ½    minutes duration. In order to facilitate the best possible application of the Category Combining policy in situations of potentially a small number of entries all the female categories will be held on the same day.



Weights: -48 kg ; -52 kg ; -57 kg ; -63 kg ; -70 kg ; -78 kg ; +78kgs. 


Weights: -60 kg ; -66 kg ; -73 kg ; -81 kg ; -90 kg ; -100 kg ; +100 kgs. 


This rule will apply in all individual contests. See next section.


IJF competition rules will apply with the exception of the modifications made to Age Divisions, Category Combining, contest duration, Golden Score duration and judogi.    The proposed new IJF rules will also apply ( with the exception relating to the application of the Golden Score rule. In line with these new rules Golden Score duration will be unlimited with the exception of competitors in the M7/F7 and over and for them the Golden Score duration will remain at one minute maximum.   If a tie exists at the end of the one minute Golden Score the Central Referee in consultation with the Table Jury will agree on a final decision to select the winner (without calling Hantei).


The type of elimination system to be applied in the competition will depend on the number of entries as follows:    1 entry – no contest (or Category combining). 2 entries – best of three contests (or Category combining).  3 entries – pool of three (or Category combining).  4 entries – pool of four.  5 entries – pool of five  6 entries – two pools each with three players. Top two players from each pool progress to the semi-finals with the winner of Pool A fighting the runner-up from Pool B and the winner of Pool B fighting the runner-up from Pool A.   7 entries – one pool with four players and one pool with three players.Top two players from each pool progress to the semi-finals with the winner of Pool A fighting the runner-up from Pool B and the winner of Pool B fighting the runner-up from Pool A.   8 entries - two pools each with four players. Top two players from each pool progress to the semi-finals with the winner of Pool A fighting the runner-up from Pool B and the winner of Pool B fighting the runner-up from Pool A.   9 entries or more  - The ‘knockout system’ to be used is called ‘Compound knockout with Double repechage -  this means going right back to the first rounds and giving all those players who have lost to either of the two eventual finalists a repechage opportunity with the repechage winners in Pool A and Pool B winning bronze medals.   All the contests in any one Age Division will be held on the same day. 


Medals will only be awarded to competitors who have actually fought in the category. The eventual medal allocation is determined by the number of players competing and if, and only if, the player placed third in the case of an individual event has actually won a fight. The medal distribution rule is as follows:   One player - no medal    Two players – two medals    Three players – three medals (bronze to be awarded only if the third place player has won at least one fight).    Four players – three medals.   Five players – three medals    Six or more players – four medals    If a category has been combined the only medals awarded will be the one set of medals for the competitors in that combined category.


Competitors in Individual Weight Category events will be seeded with consideration being given only to separating the two finalists (gold and silver) from the previous year’s World Veterans Championships and only if they are still in the same Age Division and the particular Weight Category that they competed in at that championship.    After the seeding has been completed an attempt will be made to separate individuals from the same country in the first rounds of competition or in separate pools. 


White and blue judogi are obligatory and all competitors must have both types. All Judogi must conform to the current regulations regarding size, materials etc but is not required that a Judogi is purchased from the current select IJF manufacturers list of suppliers. 


Competitors must wear a Back numberson both their competition judogi jackets. The type currently recommended by the IJF or the Host Organisation.(However, the Abu Dhabi Host Organisation will not be supplying Championship Back numbers.   Please note that the appropriate IJF Back numbers (you will need two) are available and if several players combine together to place an order then this can reduce the overall price for postage.


There will be no anti-doping control at this Championship.


The official weigh-in for each Weight Category will always be scheduled for the day before the competition for that Weight Category (see Daily Competition Timetable).   Scales for unofficial weight control for competitors will be available throughout the championship (see notice at Registration to identify their exact location and times of availability).    Official weigh-in rules are as follows;  A competitor must be able to prove of his/her identity by presenting their current passport or their current National I.D. Card for scrutiny by the officials at the weigh-in.    If a competitor cannot fulfil the weight requirements for the Weight Category that  he/she entered they will be permitted, if practical by the Host Organisation, to compete in another appropriate weight category (note that Category Combining may apply to any particular Age Division/Weight Category).   Competitors presenting themselves after the closing of the official weigh-in will not be allowed to participate in the competition.


A Technical Official from the International Judo Federation will delegate responsibility to a suitable individual who represents the Host Organisation in order to operate of the Category Combining policy. This policy applies to all Weight Categories within all Age Divisions.   Only Weight Categories with three or less entries may be subject to Category Combining. However if in the case of only two or three entries it is not possible to achieve Category Combining safely and according to the Guidelines then a pool of three elimination system may be considered or the best of three fights between the  two players.   A) Combining within the same Age Division  Players should remain within their Age Division if possible.    B) Combining using weight categories.  Weight category – competitors should only be combined with other competitors who are no more than one weight category lighter or one weight category heavier. Special consideration should be given to the actual weight differences when dealing with the lightest and the heaviest female and male categories (as a guideline a maximum of 10kg actual difference when combining the lightest weight category and a maximum of 20kg actual difference when combining the heaviest weight category should be considered as a limit unless there are other compensatory factors such as experience etc).    Weight should be the primary consideration when moving players about within their own Age Division or combining them with other Age Divisions in accordance with the guidelines below.    C) Age Divisions  Competitors in Age Divisions M7 or F7 and above (for example M8/F8. M9/F9 etc) may only be combined with other competitors who are no more than one Age Division higher or more than one Age Division lower i.e. competitors in M7/F7 may only be combined with competitors from M6/F6 or M8/F8.    Competitors in divisions M6 or F6 may be combined with competitors no more than one Age Division higher or two age divisions lower. i.e. M7/F7, M5/F5 and M4/F4    Competitors in divisions M5 or F5 may be combined with competitors no more than one Age Division above or two Age Divisions below i.e. M6/F6, M4/F4 and M3/F3.    Competitors in divisions M4 or F4 may be combined with competitors no more than two Age Divisions above or two Age Divisions below i.e. M5/F5, M6/F6, M3/F3 and M2/F2.    Competitors in divisions M3 or F3 may be combined with competitors no more than two Age Divisions above or two Age Divisions below i.e. M4/F4, M5/F5, M1/F1, M2/F2.   Competitors in Age Divisions M2 or F2 may only be combined with competitors two Age Divisions above and one Age Divisions below i.e. M3/F3, M4/F4 and M1/F1.    Competitors in Age Divisions M1 or F1 may only be combined with competitors in two Age Divisions above i.e. M2/F2 and M3/F3  

Age Division         

Higher Age Division                    

Lower Age Division



Not applicable


M3/F3 M4/F4                               



M4/F4 M5/F5                               

M1/F1 M2/F2


M5/F5 M6/F6                               

M2/F2 M3/F3



M3/F3 M4/F4



M4/F4 M5/F5



M4/F4 M5/F5

















The Draw for the Individual Weight Categories will take place at 19.00 hours on the day before the competition for that Age Divisions.    Information on the exact location of the Individual Weight Category draws will be displayed in Registration.    A complete list of competitors who have successfully fulfilled the weight requirements will be displayed outside the room where the official Draw will take place a minimum of 15 minutes prior to the draw starting. Officials from each country should check this list to ensure that all their players are on the list who should be on the list and that they have been correctly allocated to their Age Divisions and Weight Categories.    Accredited officials will be entitled to attend the Draw. 


Qualification level – referees must be IJF ‘A’ or ‘B’ licensed or the highest level of National ‘A’ license from the Federation of the Host Organisation.    Each National Federation may enter two referees. National Federations with participating competitors must enter at least one referee but may enter two. The National Federation of the Host Organisation may enter five or more referees. Only referees nominated by their National Federation may enter.  Costs – National Federations will be responsible for all travel, accommodation and meals costs for their nominated referees.    Meeting – A meeting will take place on Saturday 23 November at 18.00 hours and attendance at this meeting will be compulsory for all referees. This meeting will be in the Sports Hall at the competition venue unless otherwise notified (check details in Registration).   Referee registration – The appropriate forms B and D should be completed and sent by the designated deadline.    Transport will be arranged for all registered referees officiating at the Championship based on the arrival, departure and accommodation information that they provide on Forms B and D. 

22. ENTRY 

Entries to this event must be made from a National Federation, national club or an individual athlete to the organising office before the deadline of the25th of October 2013. Entries are only accepted if the full fee applicable is paid before the deadline date. 


The entry fee of 150 USD has to be paid to the United Emirates Wrestling, Judo and Jiu-jitsu Federation at the same time as the entry is made. Entry fees are non-refundable. This can be done by Bank Transfer to the details provided below.    A Late entry fee will cost an additional 50 USD.   After the formal closing deadline date Late entries will only be accepted by the Host Organisation if this is practical and their entry can be processed before the relevant weigh-in closing date and time.    24 hours after the entrydeadline date has passed an Entry List will be posted on the official Championship website.


No one will be allowed to sit on the mat edge seats reserved for coaches unless they have an Accreditation Coach Card. An Accreditation Coach Card allows one individual to accompany an athlete within the competition area. This card costs 25 USD and is valid for all days of the competition.    You can order the card in advance by completing Form F and enclosing the fee. Your card can then be collected from Registration during the formal Registration opening hours.  The current IJF rules regarding mat edge behaviour will apply.


All competitors are requested to come first to the Registration room in order to register, check details and to collect their competition card. The registrations times are as follows:    Saturday 23rd November from 10.00 – 19.00  Sunday 24th November from 10.00 - 19.00  Monday 25th November from 10.00 – 15.00  Tuesday 26th November from 10.00 – 12.00   Registration can provide you with all necessary information about the competition as well as Competitor Cards, Coach Accreditation Cards, Referees and Officials Cards, Media Cards, Competition Timetables etc.    All competitors, referees, officials, media and mat edge coaches who wish to be accredited must register.    Note – Competitors must queue and will be dealt with in a first-come, first served basis. However, referees, officials, media and mat edge coaches should approach the Registration ‘gate – keeper’ at the top of the queue and request priority access.

26. VISA

If a VISA is required then the United Arab Emirates Wrestling, Judo and Jiu-jitsu Federation can assist in obtaining it. In these cases please complete the appropriate form and send it to the United Arab Emirates Wrestling, Judo and Jiu-jitsu Federationnot later than 10th of October 2013.  UAEWJJF will take care of the VISA processing and the VISA fees. The cost of a VISA fees is already included in the entry fees.We need acomplete set of passport copies sent to the contact email provided earlier. Note that some countries have VISA on arrival. You may check through the consulate in your country / on the website.   Contact Person: Ms. Warda Al Jaberi Mobile:+971-52-7085585 Email:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


No transportation service will be provided by the Host Organiser from airport to Hotel. The Hotel will be able to arrange it for you if required at an extra cost payable to them directly. We will provide you the hotel details so that you may coordinate these arrangements. You may prefer to avail of the public transportation service such as taxi readily available in the airport.   Note that hotels will be close to the venue and within walking distance. Hence, no transportation will be required from the venue to the championship site.   ACCOMMODATION INFORMATION All accommodation includes breakfast.   There are four options that are recommended by the Host Organisation. All hotels are near the venue at distance of 100-150 m, or are connected with the venue.    CENTRO CAPITAL ROTANA   95 Single or Double & 75 Twins   Dates – 20/21 November to 27 November Standard Single room. USD 170 per night Superior Double.  USD 130 x 2 = USD 260 per night   PREMIER INN CAPITALNTRE  HOTEL   170 Twin   Dates – 20/21 November to 27 November Standard Single room. USD 150 per night Superior Double.  USD 100 x 2 = USD 200 per night   For full program info please click here. For family program please click here    

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